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As I told him several years ago I was just going to give them the URL if they wanted it.
But that costs a little bit of money you gotta have a server i.e. somewhere to put it, this costs money.
At which point when a person that I've known dressed me down, after his wife did it twice in public.
That's what you get when you give a friend a free website for 15 years.
It's for sale for cheap it's not worth anything I was going to give it to him.
You see when I got out of the Navy in 1976, we built the original monkey island pub.
And the night before the ice storm I put up a website for them almost 15 years ago.
Every time I go away from there I discover what hate lurks under the surface. ...
This URL is available for purchase.
Leave a Message $250.00 for the URL 918 791 1842
or here

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